Skvelá správa

Možno ste to niektoré vedeli ale pre mňa je to prekvapenie dňa, týždňa, mesiaca a roka!!!!! Text stiahnutý z

Absolutely no testing on animals is conducted for the cosmetic products by essence, nor do we assign anyone to test any of our products on animals. not in germany, nor anywhere else in the world! this applies to the final products as well as any ingredients. because essence is strictly against any kind of animal testing whatsoever as we think it is absolutely awful to torture animals for the sake of beauty products.
this is also one of the factors we consider when selecting suppliers to work with essence. we receive a written statement from all our suppliers confirming that their products are produced without testing on animals.

 Pre mňa je to povolenka na poriadny nákup:D

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3 Responses to Skvelá správa

  1. kozmetika je nielen dostupná, ale ešte ju ani netestujú na zvieratách ... výborne :)

  2. no to som uz niekde citala:)


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